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Why should I choose a school lunch for my child?
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There are many reasons why children benefit from staying for a school lunch. Our meals are great value for money and a hot, healthy dinner is great for energy because your child will use up a great deal of energy during a full school day. Children need to concentrate during lessons, let off steam at play times and recharge their batteries for the afternoon. Eating a school meal helps to achieve this and provides the following: 

• Hot, Healthy and Nutritionally Balanced Menus.
• A selection of homemade products and recognised meals that provide choice and variety to suit all tastes.
• Value for money, two course meals.
• Convenience - saving you time preparing packed lunches.
• Enhanced learning abilities - studies have shown that children concentrate better in lessons if they have had a fulfilling lunchtime meal.
• Teaches children the social skills involved with eating with others and how to make choices - learning need not stop when the lunch bell goes.
• Allows a child to relax in a safe, supervised environment with friends.

As a not for profit organisation, Children's Services Contract Services is committed to providing the highest standards of service. In achieving this, parents can be assured that:

• All menus comply with, and usually exceed, the Government's National Nutritional Standards for school lunches.
• Halal only products are used as requested by your school's governors.
• Our food purchasing contracts control the sourcing of safe ingredients and ensure the necessary delivery and storage methods to maintain the highest levels of food safety.
• We regard your child as a valued customer and serve all children in a friendly and supportive manner, helping them to expand their eating experience with care.
• We do not knowing use foods containing genetically modified ingredients and we avoid using artificial additives and colourings wherever possible. 

Children's Services Contract Services work closely with Tower Hamlets' Healthy Schools and meet regularly to discuss ways to encourage children to eat certain foods during their formative years to put in place eating habits that they will follow throughout their lifetime. A few of the projects we operate or support are:

Fruit Tuck Shops
As part of our Healthy Eating policy we fully support and in some cases operate Fruit Tuck Shops in schools.  There are currently nine such tuck shops in operation across the Borough complementing the Free Fruit for Schools Scheme.

Breakfast Clubs
We operate a not-for-profit breakfast service in over 20 primary schools as well as a full breakfast service in 2 secondary schools.  This service has gone from strength to strength since the first club was launched in 1998.  Colleagues in the Tower Hamlet's Healthy Schools team have work with us to secure money from the Government's New Opportunities Fund to allow the financing of these schemes in schools.  As well as the added benefits to the school regarding attendance and performance it has allowed Children's Services Contract Services to meet its targets on healthy eating initiatives. 

School Nutrition Award
The aim of the award is to acknowledge schools kitchens in Tower Hamlets, who have achieved a high standard in specific areas, related to provision of food and activities around food, in making the school a 'healthier' environment for children to learn.

The objectives set will:

  • Ensure a high standard of catering is achieved, through use of the standard inspection targets and menu planning
  • Encourage a whole school approach to food and nutrition
  • Highlight the activities taking place in the school on improving the nutritional intake of the children

Over 30 schools have been awarded this accolade over the past four years with further schools to be assessed every March til July.

Why not encourage your child's healthier eating habits by playing the games with them, within the "Funfair". Or join our friend Trigger in his club the link at the top of this page.  This can help your child with their literacy and numeracy skills.  Our friend Trigger helps us to make mealtimes enjoyable and fun by helping is to organise theme days and competitions with special menus for special days

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